Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Give Good Cake


Last week I forgot my sister-in-law’s birthday. The very same sister-in-law and famous Aunty Julie who helps care for Pebble every week. I’m not sure who’s doing who the favour – Aunty Julie just LOVES our Pebble and looks forward to seeing her SO much. School holidays have meant that Aunty Julie’s services haven’t been needed and I know that Pebble and Aunty Julie miss each other very much. How can I tell? I just put Pebble down for a nap and told her that we’ll be visiting Aunty Julie when she wakes up. She giggled herself to sleep. Literally.

To make up for the missed birthday I decided to make her some cute little fairy cakes, filled with jam and fresh cream. Ok, the truth is I totally had a baking craving and seeing as I can’t eat any baked goods lately this was the perfect excuse to rock my inner Julia Childs. Bake THEN give them away!

Don’t they look delectable?


I just realised that there is a strong probably that my Dad will be reading this and I’m visiting him tomorrow. He’s totally going to want some. I’ll have to make another batch! We’re nearly out of fresh cream, so might be butter cream icing instead, ok Dad? I think you like them better that way anyway. Update: plenty of fresh cream after all, so fresh cream it is.

I very much like this warm and fuzzy that I’m getting from baking for other people. Tell me, what have you baked for someone else lately?


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  1. I baked some cheesecake swirl brownies to take for morning tea when i visited a friend recently. My friend is an older lady in her 70's and she thanked me for bringing them because she doesnt know how to make them herself and she said they were delicious. Hey - everyone loves a cheesecake brownie!


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