Monday, October 10, 2011

Little Day Out

This morning Pebble was still getting her grump on. Everything was just a little bit too hard for her. The doll house made her cry. The train set made her cry. Everything was frustrating and she was irritable. I looked around at the dishes and chores to be done, then at the whingey toddler and decided that’s it! We’re getting out of this house!!


I asked Pebble if she’d like to go to the park and, like sunshine breaking after the storm, she smiled. Safe in the knowledge that she would be hitting the swings in no time I got to have a peaceful shower and quickly throw together the nappy bag.


First we hit up the park, where Pebble played with a boy a little older than her, joining in his game of selling ‘lamingtons and lattes’ at the little play bench. Then swishing bark all over the place. Then piling bark back up again. We did the see saw, little slide, big slide, balancing beam, climbing wall and then did it all again. And again. “Fun, mummy!”


From there we popped in to Coles for some essentials. It’s amazing how much a few essentials can add up to these days! I still haven’t planned this weeks meals (tsk tsk) and I walked out of there over $100 lighter in the pocket.


Then it was off to the library. Pebble’s favourite thing in the library is the little train that she gets to climb into. Except that today the train was gone. So she picked her second favourite thing, the abacus and bead puzzles. “Beads, mummy! Look mummy! Beads look!”.


I picked up a huge pile of books for Pebble and a couple of novels plus a couple of audio books for me. Now I just have to find time to read them! Pebble fell asleep in the car on the way home (perfect timing, just call me super mum) and I popped her into bed where she stayed for two hours! I got to wash the dishes, tidy the house and catch up on some telly. LOVE school holidays.

Pebble woke up, had a cuddle and a snack and I had the urge to move again. I don’t know about you but sometimes the hardest part of going out is getting ready. I was already dressed and ready to go, and the nappy bag was packed so there was nothing to stop us. I had in mind some bits and pieces to add the finishing touches to Pebble’s room, so we ducked off to Westfield. Lucky for Pebble there was a free kids disco and she got to get her groove on. She loved it! TOO CUTE.


I had no luck finding the bits and pieces I wanted for Pebble’s room, but then I got side tracked by the 50% off the last price sale at Katies. I picked up about ten items and walked out with a cute little cardi and striped top for under $20. Then I had the shopping bug. I snuck into a few more shops and picked up some el cheapo accessories to brighten up my spring wardrobe. I would love to splurge on more clothes but this will have to do. For now.


I did get side-tracked by Temt and this striped maxi dress. I loved it on the rack, but it looked awful on. I take it that Pebble was expressing her opinion too. She picked a winner! 1318227190163\1318227130965

We also stopped in at the new (freakin awesome!) Cotton On shop that’s recently opened up. I wasn’t going to go in but Pebble demanded it. Seriously! She stopped and said “Mummy, in! In!”. Then she proceeded to grab necklaces, bracelets, scarves, sunglasses and everything else pretty, then hide under the various unique displays. We bid adieu to that little nightmare (with a cute bright pink scarf for $5, whoops) and we slowly made our way out of the Westfield maze, via the usual treats of course … Wiggles car, Play school ride, pet shop, mezzanine view.


And finally made it home. Our little day out kinda turned into a big day out but I think we both enjoyed our adventure.

Have you had a Little Day Out lately? What did you get up to?


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  1. Hi Kylie thanks for visiting me and joining my little sisterhood its lovely making new friends to share my world with. Your pebble is just beautiful I have enjoyed looking around your blog. Your little park trip did turn into a big day out; I love that, when you can just decide in a minute to go and do the things that make us happy. Look forward to visiting you again soon.

    Always Wendy


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