Monday, October 24, 2011

Point + Shoot–Water Play


Water + Paint Brush + Warm Weather = Toddler Fun!

It was early on Sunday morning and Pebble as keen to get outside with Daddy, who was getting ready for some hard work. The weather was just warming up, slowly making it’s way to a top of 31 degrees. As you can see, it was perfect weather for party shoes and that ever present tutu! I just shrug my shoulders and say, sure kid, knock yourself out! If wearing a tutu keeps her happy, then I’m happy.

We used a teeny tiny bucket of water to paint stripes, spots, and shapes, then to make little “puddles” for jumping in. Then Pebble discovered the nearby garden bed filled with wonderful, filthy dirt! She dipped the wet brush into the dirt and was amazed to see the dirt stuck to the brush. Daddy suggested that she rinse the brush in the bucket….. she was delighted to see the dirt wash away and that became the game for the next few moments.

More fun was found in rinsing out the dirty water and replacing it with clean water. I tipped the dirty water into the edge of the garden, where Pebble found another muddy puddle to poke the brush, as well as a down pipe to explore.

These are the corners of our garden that I never pay attention to. I would never have noticed that perfect little spot, right on the edge of the lawn, that was just waiting to be made into a muddy puddle. In fact, I had never noticed that the down pipe was chipped … how did that happen?

Thank you Pebble, for opening my eyes up to a whole new world, right outside our back door.

You can join in with Point + Shoot at Lou’s place.



  1. What a awesome idea, will have to try that with my almost 3year old, water play loving daughter :)

    Happy Monday!

  2. Isn't it funny how they always seem to gravitate towards the broken, possibly dangerous and almost always messy and dirty places outside?! Love it! My little guy always finds a new spider nest or huge patch of bindiis that we thought had been eradicated. I love the tutu!

  3. Love the photos. Its amazing how kids are so easiler pleased with a bit of water and a brush.

  4. She's loving that water, your right looking through childs eyes is like a whole new world.

  5. Wonderful photos!
    What a fantastic idea. x

  6. water play is so much fun......even as an adult have a fab week lisa xx


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