Sunday, October 2, 2011

Potatoes and Blackbirds

Saturday, 1st October was Potato Appreciation Day. Some of my friends have interesting ideas for get togethers, usually revolving around food. There has been Over Eating Fest (my personal favourite), Turducken Fest, Minge Fest (don’t ask), Mac&Cheese Fest…. and the latest was Potato Appreciation Day, otherwise known as PAD.

Paul and I were planning to attend the festivities as a family, but given Pebble’s cough-vom status we decided to keep her at home, away from other people and giving her a rest. Paul stayed home to look after her, because vom don’t clean itself up now, does it? I found myself in a rare situation – an afternoon all to myself to hang out with my friends! I packed a couple of beers and a gorgeously brown and bubbly tray of freshly cooked potato dauphinoise and off I went.

This celebration was significantly smaller than we have seen in previous years, probably owing to a) some big football game happened to be on the same day, and b) we’re all older and several of us are carrying extra baggage in the form of small people. There was a lot less beer and shots and lot more juice and softies filling up the drinks tub. How things change!

P1160621Best.  Wedges. Ever.

Not potatoes.

Potato Dauphinoise and Potato and Leek dip with mountain bread, snags, potato crown.

Potato dip with veg, potato chips and crackers

Sweet Potato Cheesecake (does not contain coffee)


Forget Baby Bjorn – this is the real deal!

Homemade Spuds (dessert)

It was much fun and I am still full.

Meanwhile Pebble is still recovering from this loooooooooooong bout of shitty sickness. Amazingly she slept beautifully last night, the best sleep she’s had for months and months, sick or not. She stayed in her own bed until 5.30am-ish!!!! Then came into our bed and slept for another hour. Unfortunately on waking she is still very flat, pale and she’s off her food. She’s even refusing her bottle!

We’re expecting our friends over for dinner tonight, along with their two little ones. Time to make a phone call and let them know the sitch. Grrrr. So over it!

There is always a silver lining and here is todays…. she’s not too sick to sing! Pebble is just starting to join in with singing songs, usually singing the last word in each line. Her very favourite this week is ‘Sing a song of six pence’ which is in a little book I bought for $1 at an Op Shop.



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