Tuesday, October 18, 2011



I was about to write “I’m tired”. But I’m not tired. My eyes are hanging out my head, my brain is buzzing faster than I can keep up, I’m raring to go but not sure where to start. I have so many ideas right now and I can’t seem to pin them all down. Here’s a few things that are kicking around in my head, I gotta get them out some how:

  • Pebble’s second birthday
  • teaching 6-8 year olds about the interconnectedness of countries. OMG.
  • calling {insert loved ones names here} and catching up
  • the meal planning and cooking merry go round
  • crafty projects for the home – blank walls be gone!
  • the amount of dishes one small toddler makes in one day.
  • how do I get flv files to burn and play in a DVD player? anyone?
  • house work. never ending housework. poorly achieved housework.
  • ideas for the garden that I constantly neglect
  • making a family poster for Pebble’s child care. only six months behind on that one.
  • the overstuffed calendar for this weekend, week, month. how did that happen? my fault.
  • the pile of teaching text books glaring at me every day. 
  • family personal history project… still a little seed of an idea, not quite flourishing yet
  • half read library books with return dates are creeping on up
  • the gym, must get to the gym. more.
  • how am I going to store and display Pebble’s art?
  • pinterest. I’m pinning stuff in my sleep!
  • Sports Day. Must get organised for Sports Day.
  • sorting out my teaching resources. that’s a BIG job. for later.
  • cleaning out Pebble’s wardrobe and storing the too small bits and pieces. Aw.
  • budget. ignoring it. ignoring the fact that we don’t HAVE budget.
  • my phone plan. what’s going on with that?
  • computer nearly dead. need to back up and send it off to the doctors.
  • dentist appointment coming up. FLOSS.
  • hair. to go shorter again, or grow it longer?
  • TV to catch up on. Ha!
  • The stuff that I’ve forgotten for this list that will wake me at 2am and send me into a panic.
  • paying more attention to inspiring quotes.

Goodnight. Sleep tight. Yeah right!


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  1. Wow now thats some list my friend I have a mind like that some times. One day at a time I repeat to myself over and over again guess that's why my list is still long.

    Have a great day

    Always Wendy


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