Saturday, October 1, 2011


I'm laying on our lounge room floor with Pebble right now. We are both knackered after are night of her coughing then vomiting then coughing then vomiting then... well you get the idea. That's how you get the BEST eye bags. See?

Three changes of pjs for her, one for me. One change of sheets. One daddy running around cleaning in four vom-splashed rooms (nothing like spreading it around!). One mummy cuddling one teary and stinky little girl.

WHAT do you do when it's 1am and your child has vom in their hair BUT they hate having their hair washed so much that the cry hard enough to induce vomiting? Ugh.

So far the light of day has seen no more vomit, but one very tired and clingy kid. I'm doing things solo this morning while Paul helps his brother with car stuff. I'm supposed to be making potato dauphinoise for Potato Appreciation Day at a friends house. More on that later (I hope).

Needless to say Pebble will not be joining the celebrations.

This day can only get better!


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