Sunday, November 6, 2011



One hour.

That’s about how long it took for me like I was missing a limb. Without blogging I feel ……lost. I do love blogging, but The Rockgarden and it’s hodge-podge-diary-of-a-mummy style was just not working for me anymore. It took saying goodbye to The Rockgarden for there to be room in my brain for an idea to grow. Over night it has made my brain explode!

I am not saying goodbye to blogging for good. I will be back. I’d love it if you could hang on to this little space, because when I’m back, holding this little baby of an idea, I’ll be so excited to show you. Keep your RSS feed, keep your email subscription, keep your Facebook and Twitter friendships, because I think you’re going to like where I’m going, and you’ll need to be there with me.

For now, I’ll see you around the blogosphere while I keep enjoying visiting you.


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