Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Photos of Pebble

We had a scan on Monday which was so exciting and beautiful. There were two monitors in the room, one for the technician and one for us to look at. I had only the briefest fear as she started to put the gel on my tummy, that maybe it wouldn't be ok - what if we didn't see a heartbeat? In seconds the image of our baby was on the screen, and the little heart was clearly seen pumping away. The technician was awesome. She gave us the full tour of the baby's home (my uterus - weird!), and all the baby's bits and pieces. She said that it was a very well behaved baby, and she got everything that she needed and more. We saw the face, the spine, the ribs, the legs, arms, feet, hands, fingers, toes, stomach, kidneys, heart, brain.... everything normal, check, check, check. We saw bub roll over onto it's (I keep wanting to write 'her') side, back, stomach and wave it's little arms. It was magical and made it all seem very real.
Both Paul and I have started to notice that my bump is coming along. It's not really noticable when I'm standing up, but when I'm laying on my back there is a definite curve inwards at my stomach/below my ribs, that then swells outwards over my lower belly where there is a firm little ball of something growing.

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