Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To do list is shrinking

Paul and I pulled a mammoth wedding planning day yesterday, ticking lots of boxes, including:

  • buying wedding bubbles
  • buying boxes for said wedding bubbles
  • buying rose petals to scatter on the tables at the reception
  • buying long lasting tea light candles for the tables at the reception
  • buying a little bag to hold the rings at the ceremony
  • meeting with the celebrant, finalising the vows, and paying off the last of his fee
  • paying the final amount for the cars
  • paying the final payment for the cake
  • confirming and paying for Poppy’s ride home
  • triple checking the bus details and making the final payment
  • confirming the B&B booking, and making final payment
  • confirming the photographer arrival time and making final payment
  • buying new wedding underwear for moi
  • burning CDs with tracks for the aisle walk and registry signing
  • burning a CD for a first dance at the reception
  • booking in the boys for their final fitting and suit pick up
  • emailing all the guests with final wedding details
  • emailing all the bus goers with bus details
  • confirming beauty times for the ladies on Friday night
  • sitting on the toilet a lot because I’m starting to shit myself

Phew! Yeah, the bank balance got a workout yesterday!!! There’s only a couple of things left to do, the main one being WRITING OUR SPEECH! Eeek! Neither of us is looking forward to that part.

Here comes the bride, yo!

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