Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I’m so looking forward to my obgyn appt tomorrow – I really want to see Pebble swimming around. I know that second trimester is supposed to mean less symptoms, and feeling better, but of course I start to worry. My boobs are a lot less sore in the last two days – this has been a blessing and a curse. I also seem to be losing a little more hair again. At first my hair loss stayed the same as pre-pregnancy, then it seemed to slow down, now it’s back to quite a lot falling out each day. Bring on 12.45pm tomorrow and sanity!
It probably doesn’t help that I saw Marley and Me on Fri night, and *spoiler* the main character’s wife went for her obgyn appt at 10 weeks but there was no heart beat *gasp*. I cried! I didn’t cry for the hugely sad ending of the movie, but I cried at that!

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