Monday, August 3, 2009

Yay for Sunday. Boo for Monday.

I’m dragging my feet into the week. I feel very snowed under with work, and should probably be doing work right now instead of this. However….
Yesterday was a lovely day with hubby. We got to town by about 10.30am and headed straight for the art gallery. My favourites are the old Renaissance paintings, that look so life like – it’s as if they’re going to start moving and talking. We spent quite a long time wandering the gallery, and finished up just after 1pm and decided to get some lunch.

From there we decided that the museum and botanic gardens would have to wait. It was just too much wandering and looking for one day. So instead we decided to go shopping! We had a few vouchers to spend from the wedding, and I had in mind a food processor, while Mr RG was looking for some man accessories. We wandered, and looked but by the time I had looked at the options I had changed my mind and decided that I’d lived this long without a food processor, I can do without out one for a bit longer.

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