Saturday, August 22, 2009

Curry in a Hurry

Last night I met some friends at a lovely Indian restaurant in the city, where we enjoyed a Feast.  This menu provided the perfect amount of food to share, unlike so many banquets, that leave you soooooo stuffed that you can’t breathe afterwards.
My entree plate
  • samosa (crisp Indian short pastry packed with spiced potatoes and sautéed green peas, served with chutneys),
  • lamb sheekh kebab (Lean lamb finely minced with ginger, garlic, coriander leaves, sweet onion, intertwined with a fine array of spices roasted in the tandoor and served with tasty sauces), and
  • chicken tikka (Bite size pieces of lean chicken fillet properly marinated in yogurt, spices and tandoori masala roasted in the tandoor, served with fine chutneys).
The table shared this plate of onion bahji - marinated and spiced onion strips dipped in chickpea and cumin batter deep fried to perfection and served with an assortment of chutneys. So yummy with the mint chutney!
The curries arrived….
Murgh Makani (Butter Chicken)
This very mild and tasty Indian dish is the most favoured Indian dish in all Australia. Boneless chicken pieces marinated for hours in a light and delicious tandoori masala. Then roasted in the clay oven to perfection and served with a delicious rich blend of fresh butter, cashew nut, fennel, and a truly remarkable mild tomato creme sauce.

This was sweeter than I’ve had before, and very tomato-y. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t my favourite.
Vegetable korma
Specially prepared veg in a fine creamy sauce, brilliant cashew and tomato paste, flavoured by subtle spices and garnished with nuts.

This was (surprisingly!) my favourite. I usually don’t go for vegetarian dishes, I kind of don’t get the point without the meat. But this was lovely and buttery, and anything with cashews is always good.
Lamb Rogan Josh
Lean cubes of tender lamb cooked in a delicious thick masala sauce of onions, tomatoes, tamarind, yoghurt, kashmiri herbs, fragrant spices and a truly magnificent medium hot lamb dish.

I really enjoyed this, the lamb flaked apart beautifully and it had a lovely rich flavour.
Essential Raita and chutneys. Mmmmmmmm. My favourite was the mint.
My plate – mmmm naan!
Rhea dropped in on us during dinner, it was good to have a chat and see her before she leaves for OS (today!). Ms Orsome is still with us for another week, although I won’t be seeing her, so it’s really farewell time *cry*
After dinner we went with Ms Orsome to meet Rhea and friends at La Boehme. I really don’t get out much these days, and had never been to this bar before. It was a very cosy and cool little (very little!) spot where you can get smashing cocktails. Not to be left out, I asked the very helpful bar person for a baby friendly tipple, and she made me this fruit salad concoction.
I loved the chopsticks for digging out the fruit at the end!
If you want to try some of the curry for yourself, and you live in South Australia, get yourself down to Arya Restaurant in North Adelaide.

Or drop into La Boehme  for a drink.

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  1. Ohhh this all looks so yummy! Definitely need to check it out I feel. Naan bread has got to be the best kind of bread ever


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