Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lovely weekend

I’ve had a lovely weekend (did the title of this post give it away?). I had Friday off for a planning day to work at home, so I had hardly any work to do on the weekend at all. On Saturday I cleaned the house with Mr RG, who is an awesome cleaning buddy. In the afternoon I left to go to Carly’s baby shower. Six weeks until I have another nephew! I can’t believe I’m an aunty x 3! The shower was fun, we played some silly games, and I ate WAY too many sweet things. Here’s a photo recap.

On arriving home I found lemon tree carnage, and Mr RG and Dazza drinking beer in the yard. They had a very successful arvo mowing Daza’s lawn, our lawn, and seeing to the once very over grown lemon tree (ie. it was a third higher than it now currently stands).
We stood in the backyard under the gas heater drinking beer (boys) and water (me) until the pregnant lady demanded we move inside. We invited Darren to stay for dinner, and decided on ordering some pasta from Rimini’s. We got a lovely ravioli with rose sauce, and penne with vegies and pesto, which was swiftly followed by sweets I’d brought back from the baby shower. I only had a nibble though, I’d had quite enough earlier in the day!
After a couple of hours chatting I announced it was time for me to go to bed (I made it to 10pm, that’s pretty good!), and saw Darren off before showering the day away and zonking out.
This morning I over-slept (enjoy it while I can!) and headed into the city to meet Cassie and Teresa for breakky/brunch at East Terrace Continental Cafe. I had a delicious serve of pancakes, with a side of bacon and a hash brown. I also had a decaf cap and a pineapple and apple crush (fancy juice).
Cassie had the ETC works, without sausage.
Teresa had the ETC works without mushrooms.
Following lunch we trundled Rundle St, stopping in Bauhaus, Dangerfield, Mary Martin and a few other shops. The SALA festival is on at the moment, and dropped into a little exhibition of artwork on the theme “Superstition” that I heard about while listening to Uncle Peter on the radio yesterday. Next we wandered up to Borders where I sought a copy of Your Best Birth. We had no luck there are at Dymocks, so I abandoned the crew at Cibo and headed of home (via MaccaD’s to pick up 2 x cheeseburgers for Mr RG, who had sent out the SOS SMS earlier). It was a very lovely way to spend a Sunday.
I got home and did a couple of hours work – things that could have been put off, but feel better to have crossed off the list – and have avoided my afternoon job of cleaning out the spare room cupboards quite successfully. Such is life.

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