Monday, August 17, 2009

Simple Pleasures

I had a lovely weekend packed full of goodness, including:
  • a half day ‘early pregnancy’ class with Mr Rockgarden, at our chosen birth facility
  • shopping with Mr RG, who participated very well when I was only looking for two things but ended up in the change room with ten - ‘try this on’ he says, ‘this one looks nice’. Ah, gotta love him. His such an enabler. (For the record we bought five of the ten, and we’re talking discount store maternity wear – so glamorous!)
  • bittersweet-ness when visiting Mr RG’s dad at the cemetery, to say happy birthday.
  • more happy family times with Mr RG’s family to celebrate his mum’s 72nd birthday at a local pub (his 3 and 1/2 year old niece sang me a Hannah Montana song in it’s entirety, and gleefully saved me a seat next to her at the dinner table. Precious).
  • visiting a play cafe my Dad, step-mum, brother, sister-in-law (nearly) and her 8 month bump, my 4 year old nephew, my sister and 18 month old niece.
  • a Balfours custard tart
  • dinner with Mr RG, his best mate and his brother, after the boys had spent the day doing hard yakka in the garden.
Memories to treasure:
  • my nephew taking delight in showing his dad how chips make a good crunch. Picture his mouth open wide, popping in a chip, then crunching down and raising his eyebrows to say ‘see?’.
  • my niece trying with best intentions to hug a child half her size and age in the ball crawl, then looking on in bewilderment as the sobbing baby is consoled by it’s understanding mum.
  • my niece sliding down the big slippery dip, standing up, THEN raising her arms in celebration. Almost like a gymnast sticking her landing.
Instead of a nice ending to last week, I’m going to view it as a fabulous start to this week.


  1. That sounds like a lovely weeekend!!

  2. great way to view it! sounds like a great weekend!

    i tried to follow - its having a moment. will come back later xx

    lovely little blog you have here!


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