Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hottest Noodles Ever

Twice in one month I have made a meal that Mr Rockgarden could not eat. That’s twice since we’ve been married! The score pre-vows = 0. Never before had he refused to eat something I had cooked. So, have I lost my knack, or has he gotten more fussy…..?
Yeah, I think it’s me.
I made this follow-the-jar Thai green chicken curry noodle dish last night. It seemed simple enough. Fry some curry paste (yes, I followed the directions!), cook the chicken, add in the coconut milk then add the vegies and noodles. Voila!
The minute I added the curry paste to the hot pan I knew I was in trouble. I have quite a good tolerance for hot food, but the aroma had me hacking, coughing, and blowing out through my singed nostrils!
I persisted and completed the dish, then tentatively went in for a taste test………
This dish packed a punch. Then a swift kick!
I warned Mr RG, but he said he’d go for it anyway. Within 5 minutes of eating he was red as a beetroot and sweating bullets (I’ve heard this expression before, but never actually seen it. It’s quite comical).
I insisted that he abandon the bowl, and eventually he threw in the towel, admitting defeat. I, on the other hand, quite enjoyed them with the assistance of a little cooling milk on the side.  Would I make it again? Yes…. with a few tweaks ;P ….perhaps a little bit less curry paste.

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