Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Butta Cake!

I imagine this title being read like Butta-face! What a horrible adjective…. I think this cake could be called Butta Bum.
Yesterday the school was quickly abandoned – as were my plans to stay late and tidy my classroom -  as a wild and wooly thunder storm hit our ‘burb. I found myself at home at 3.45pm (!!) with rain beating the window panes, and thought – time to bake!
I toyed with the idea of Anzac biscuits, then settled on a basic butter cake. Cake is something that I have not quite mastered, so I turned to good old Margaret Fulton to help me through it. I just wish I’d found this video yesterday, to help me out more!
I own the Margaret Fulton Cookbook, and used her basic butter cake recipe. You can find the recipe online here.
Step 1 – grease and line the pan. I never understood (understand?) why I need to grease and line a non-stick pan. This leads to further questions, however…..
Cream the castor sugar and butter with vanilla.
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Add two eggs, one at a time, and beat well between each.
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Sift the flour and salt three times.
Gently fold the flour into the creamed mixture, slowly adding the milk alternately with the flour.
Pour into your prepared tin (I had to spread mine, it was quite a thick mix!).
Bake at 175 c for 25-30mins for until a knife comes out clean.
Now for the bane of my cake baking existence….. burnt bum! WHY, oh internet, WHY?????!
The cake was otherwise lovely, but I don’t know what my problem is (the problem with my cake’s bum – not any of my other problems).

Can you help?

Is it the non-stick pan? Is it my oven? Is it me?
p.s. I highly recommend eating this cake (bum sliced off) with strawberry jam and vanilla ice cream. Mmmmmmm.

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