Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Makes me smile

Here’s what made me smile today:

I was at work, talking with the kids (Year 1/2, aged 6-8yo) about our latest unit of work, and all that we have learned now that it is coming to an end.

One of the kids put up his hand and says:

“You know, it’s funny because we always think that the new thing (topic)  is going to be boring or bad, and we want to keep doing the old thing because we like it so much. But then we start learning about the new thing and it’s really cool and we really love it and we don’t want to stop learning it!”.

This little moment gave me one of those lovely warm teaching fuzzies, that remind me of why I love doing what I do.



  1. Oh, I love those moments when they happen! I'm a teacher too:)

  2. Aww, that is a lovely one! Made me smile too.


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