Friday, October 2, 2009

Do ya think I’m sexy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Maternity underwear, is not. I refuse to spend big bucks on gorgeous Hot Milk or other such brands, as much as I would love to. As I see it, I’m only going to be wearing this underwear for a short period of my life, and I’d rather reward myself with something gorgeous after my job as a cow is done.
So I’m rockin the Bonds Bump wear at the moment. Super comfy. Super practical. Not ugly. But not sexy.
 P1080859 P1080860
Oh yeah, baby.
While I’m at it, I’m also rockin’ the socks  and sandals.
I know, it’s too hot to handle.
p.s. the study is totally finished (click to see before)! Now for the lounge room and bathroom…. and garden…..

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  1. Go the Masseurs and socks! I do that all the time! I love my masseurs! So comfortable!


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