Sunday, October 25, 2009

Girly weekend of a different kind

Mr RG is off on a golf overnighter to celebrate a mates bucks night. So what devilish delights do I get up to while he is away? Baby sitting!
SIL needed someone to look after her three girls - Naomi 15, Rhiannon 10 and Sophie 3. The two older girls took care of themselves. All i had to do was feed change and put to bed a three year old. We watched Flicka (was a bit sad and scary near the end!) then easy as pie the little one was asleep. Then I watched Ella Enchanted on my own (enjoyed it muchly!) before tucking in for an early night. I woke up in little girl play heaven and am waiting for the rest of the house to wake up.
Wonder how Mr RG is feeling this morning?

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  1. If he feels anything like I do today it won't be pretty! lol


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