Friday, October 23, 2009

Third trimester = world of meh

The third trimester continues in all it’s glory. It is still happy times, but I’m just experiencing a whole lot of meh. While for three months I have felt full of energy, and ready to do anything, right now I struggle to get through the day at work, then come home and crash on the couch for a while. It’s not as intense as first trimester tiredness – it’s just….. well….. MEH!
072522[2]-1 28 weeks
Stuff that is happening with my bod and my bub - (get ready for more TMI…)
  • the little bugger is playing hide and seek a lot. Some days I get my ribs kicked and feel constant movement, other days I feel almost nothing, and sometimes I get punched in the cervix. In case you’re not certain – it is not a fun feeling.
  • I think my lips look fuller and fuller all the time. I’m not sure if this is a pregnancy related thing? No collagen for me!
  • the milk machines are looking like they’re gearing up for action. I seem to be developing a mild case of what my friend Sarah calls “burger nips”.
  • Sleeping is still somewhat tricky, but I have a new body pillow to help me with that. It works pretty well. A friend gave me hers, it’s just like a regular pillow, but three times as long.
  • My tum is sneaking out of yet more of my pre-preggas clothes. A fav top that I have been rockin’ a lot lately is just maxing out now. Last week I stocked up on some cheap stretchy singlet tops for summer, and they’re my new staple, along with cargos and stretchy maxi skirts.
  • We still have NO furniture aside from a bassinet, and we still need to get a mattress and linen for it.
  • Operation Prep House For Baby continues – we have had a couple of quotes for the floors (to get the wood sanded and polished) and with any luck it might actually get done before B-day.
28 weeks
That’s all folks!
p.s. Google Reader update: 481 unread posts. Damn the meh!


  1. You look great!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure you keep up the rest, and I expect more progress and pictures of the nursery ASAP!

  2. You look gorgeous! "Meh" is such a good way to describe the feeling. xo

  3. Oh I know ALL about meh. ALL about are looking great!

  4. Oh Jeebus, I'd never heard of burger nips before... I think I need to get pregnant so I can justify the ones I already have LOL

  5. I loved this stage of my pregnancy, despite the tiredness. I wasn't actually ready for it to be over, odd I know!

    Looking forward to the nursery pics!


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