Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It’s oh so quiet…..

Pebble’s Home – 27.5 weeks
I haven’t had a pregnancy update for a while, probably not since 22 weeks. Now I really wish I’d written a little more about the last month, as it has been bliss. I so love being pregnant. In the last month I have felt like a beautiful whale (ha!). I have been blissfully gliding through pregnancy, feeling lots of strong kicks, and even getting to know the pattern of when Pebble is up and about, and when it’s sleeping or resting. I could even see my belly move as Pebble popped and rolled and kicked.  I have had no back pain, no downsides at all. I have been wearing old tops that stretch nicely over my growing bump, and quite comfortable in my clothes. I have been moving around with ease…. note the past tense here people?
The reason I say this all now, unfortunately…… yep, third trimester. Almost like clockwork, I hit the third trimester and I’ve got back pain, I feel like a whale, and not a very beautiful one at that. I seem to be having some bladder issues which may lead to investing in those previously hilarious wee pads for nanas. I am having trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position, and playing with all kids of pillow support without much success. My old tops are no longer covering all that needs to be covered, and my belly has been sneaking out from underneath. Not a good look. One pair of my maternity jeans is hanging in there, but the other (which was never very comfortably to begin with) is just a no go zone. SO uncomfortable. Loose and tight at the same time. I am having weird burning sensations in my throat (I guess that’s heart burn?) and just can’t fit as much food in as before (probably a blessing). I’m also unreasonably cranky (although, reflecting on the list above, perhaps crankiness is to be expected).
The strangest of all, and most disconcerting, is that it’s gone ominously quiet down there. No more pattern of movement. Almost no more movement at all. For the last three days I have only felt small flutters down VERY low. Where I would previously think to myself, oh I haven’t felt Pebble in a while and would promptly be rewarded with a good kick in the belly button, I am now laying awake and night holding my belly and waiting, waiting, waiting….. smile_sad
Right now, as I type, I can feel small little pops down in my pelvis, almost like the little darling  is hearing mummy’s thoughts and trying to say “I’m still here!”. But last night, at 1.37am, I really struggled not to get up and call the midwives (bless the 24 hour service) and ask them if this is all ok. It all seems better in the light of day, but I will call them today anyway. I can’t hurt to ask, right?
We shall see….


  1. Sorry you are feeling that way. Hugs. xo I had a few moments like that during both pregnancies too. Maybe bubs has moved into a position where you can't feel him/her so much just now, and maybe bubs is having a little rest before they start kicking around again.

  2. It wouldn't hurt to call, just to put your mind at ease. Your belly is growing nicely! 3rd trimester already... Jeez! It's just going to fly! When is your last day at work?

  3. Hope everythingi s well with the bub, and you!


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