Monday, November 30, 2009

Birthday Baby Shower

Yesterday I had my baby shower, and it was so much fun! My mum and sister did an awesome job of hosting, and Pebble got very, very spoilt. It was a double celebration as I also celebrated my 31st birthday.
I was feeling a bit strange in the morning, I was all hormonal, and kind of felt like I was never going to have a birthday of my own again. Sort of like from now on, my birthday doesn’t matter, it’s all about the kid(s) and family. Which I think is true to some degree! Anyhoo, it’s hard to explain, but I soon got over it when I was loving it up with family and friends.
After the baby shower we had dinner at my dad’s, with an awesome croquembouche birthday cake and and awesome present for me – a TomTom! For those who know me, I am a terrible map reader and have no logical sense of direction whatsoever. It’s difficult to convey exactly how stupendously illogical I am about these things, but my family bought me the perfect gift when they chose the TomTom. We used it last night to get home and it was so fun (yes, I do know how to get home, but I wanted to test it out).
Here’s some pics of the fun times.

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