Saturday, November 28, 2009

Return from Camp

Well school camp was a big hit. The kids all camp back in one (very tired) piece and the baby stayed in. Two thumbs up!
It was a glamorous experience, which included a trip to the beach to make sandcastles.
And hanging out by the pool.
Looks relaxing, right? Well it’s not, but it was fun, and I would do it again. Even while seven months pregnant!
While fine on camp it has taken me a solid two days to recover to my usual bright and bubbly self. I was SO tired on Thursday, and again on Friday. Now I’m feeling as normal as a ….. oh, I don’t know, lady who has six weeks to go until she squeezes a few kilos of live baby out of her vajayjay…..  possibly can. No, I haven’t been thinking about that at all. Much.
I had my work Christmas do last night, which was fun and a success, thank goodness, as I was the organiser. Teachers can be so rowdy, I tell you! The place was littered with streamers and exploded poppers by the time we wrapped up the evening, and it only just barely avoided turning into a food fight. Childish bunch of people, honestly!
Here is Mr RG and I at the beginning of the night.
And now in the middle of the war zone.
P1090916 P1090914
Fun times. Good times.
More fun time tomorrow – it’s my baby shower! My teaching buddy, Mrs O, can’t make it, and she very kindly gave me this cute pram toy last night as a gift (she also loaned me the doll to take to pre-natal class).
P1090962 P1090963
The Pebble stand in wears Pumpkin Patch bib, courtesy of our friends Megan and Scott in Melbourne, and a striped grow suit all the way from New York, thanks to Nana and Grandad T.
Yeah, I had way too much fun doing this LOL

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