Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sick babies and crazy kids

I found out yesterday that my poor lil newborn nephew has whopping cough (and his mum too). He was in hospital overnight last night, and will be assessed today to check his progress. It's awful to think of such a tiny body having to go through that pain, and the scare that it gives his mum and dad. It's also not impressive that they had to take him to three different hospitals to get a diagnosis and to get the attention that bubs needs. Thank goodness for mother's instincts!

In other news, I'm wheeling my 7 month preggas body off onto school camp today, in charge of 43 very excited 7 and 8 year old kids. Luckily I have 9 other adults to help, including one experienced and awesome teacher. It is only one night, and it is only 45 mins drive from home. It will be fun, and it's a pretty low key camp (no night walks or adventure activities). However, when all is said and done I'll be glad when it's over! My goal is to come back with 43 happy, if tired, children, who have had a fun and memorable camp experience, and who look forward to going on more camps in the future.

Keep your fingers crossed for a healthy recovery for bubs, and a successful camp for me!

p.s. laptop is still dead, still using Mr RGs laptop and writing blog posts using blogger online. Yuck!

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