Saturday, November 7, 2009

Not happy Jan

*warning, negative rant-fest coming up*
My sinus/tear duct infection continues, with constantly weepy eye and intermittent crippling head/eye pain. Thankfully the obstetrician said it is fine to take Sudafed, so for two days I’ve been taking it as sparingly as possible. It’s worked pretty well, and I’ve been getting through the days.
I needed to get buy more today, so I went to the chemist – the pharmacist was incredulous that I had been sold Sudafed previously when pregnant, and clearly didn’t believe me that I was recommended this drug by my obs. The pharmacist said that pseudoephedrine raises the babies heart rate and is not a healthy drug to be taking while pregnant.
I walked off with some nasal spray instead, which I hate taking, because from my one and only experience, all it does is relieve the symptoms but create a dependency. The more you use it, the more stuffed up you get! But I had to get something, this is too awful to deal with without some medication (ps. how the HELL am I going to get through BIRTH if I can’t cope with sinus pain!????).
So I got home and rang the Women’s and Children’s Hospital pharmacy, which has a hotline for advice about drugs during pregnancy. The pharmacist there confirmed that they do not recommend Sudafed for pregnant women. WTF?
So is my obgyn giving me inaccurate advice? Or is it just yet more conflicting advice? A quick Google search turned up more people saying that, while it used to be more regularly recommended during pregnancy if required, recently doctors have changed their tune and are no longer recommending it.
I’m no longer taking the Sudafed. I will try the nasal spray, I guess. I won’t be able to talk to my obgyn until Monday. How do I handle it when I do talk to her? I am quite pissed that I could have been taking something that is not safe during pregnancy, but don’t really know what to do about it.
Pram shopping this afternoon. So over it!

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  1. Yeah I am pretty sure you shouldn't have sudafed - even now 1 year after the birth I still can't have it because I am breastfeeding. My blocked nose is driving me crazy!


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