Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still here

I’m still here, but haven’t been too crash hot. I have either an infected tear duct or a sinus infection, the doc isn’t too sure. This means that my head intermittently feels like it’s going to explode. One minute I’m fine, the next I’m clutching my head in agony and want to gauge out my eye.
It also means that staring a computer screen is one of the last things that I want to be doing. Twice I haven’t even turned on the computer in the evenings! *gasp* I never thought I’d see the day.
I’m on antibiotics (yuck) so should be on the mend today. I’ve been pretty lucky really, this is the first illness I’ve had while pregnant. The rest has been pretty smooth sailing.
We have an obstetrician appointment tonight and my first glucose test (I just have a feeling I’ll be having a second round…..).
In other news I just got two bags of maternity clothes on loan from a girl at Mr RGs work. I now almost have too many clothes to wear before this bub comes out!
30 weeks and counting! Progress pic coming soon.
Thanks to peeps for the pram advice.


  1. Darn!! I really hope you're feeling much better soon xo

  2. Hope you get better soon! Yay for new clothes to try out. :)


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