Sunday, November 1, 2009


Right now we (or mostly I) are looking for a pram. Yuck! What a job! So many options, so huge a price range. I really just want something:
  • safe
  • reversible
  • has adjustable handle height
  • will fit in the boot of the car
  • will be relatively easy to lift in and out of the car
  • that is relatively easy to move around on pavement for walks, and in shopping centres.
optional extras:
  • toddler seat attachment
  • car capsule attachment
After reading LOTS of reviews and Choice online (and maybe some stalking of mothers in supermarkets) I had a look at the Steelcraft Strider range, and the Valco Rebel Q yesterday. They both look pretty good, and the reviews are 99% positive (but how much can you trust reviews?).
Some of my facebook friends have recommended that I also try the Bertini Sports Shuttle and the Swallow Beema Q 3 wheeler.
Any recommendations? Anything that you thought sucked and want to tell me to steer (hehe) clear of?


  1. I have a Beema Q and it can't really complain. Although we have a station wagon so it is quite easy to get into the car, but having a normal sedan I don't think it would be very easy. They are quite long and bulky.

  2. We have the strider 3....if I were to do it again I'd get the 4 as I understand it has the narrower wheel base. It's a decent pram, particularly for the money but can be a bit tricky to learn how to fold and now the bebito is a toddler it doesn't sit as far upright as I'd like it to. Most people I know have bought a pram and then a lighter weight stroller down the track (it doesn't come with a toddler seat) so that's something to consider. We haven't gone down that path yet though. I'd recommend the bassinette insert regardless of which one you get - esp if Baby RG isn't going to be on the large side you'll use it for ages. The bebito is tall and stayed in his for the first 4 months and even slept in it at night. The other prams peeps have mentioned I've heard good things about too though. Good luck!


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