Monday, January 11, 2010

Books I’d like to read

Here are a few things that have been on my mind to read or give to others to read.

I’m so excited to have my very own little one to do fun activities with, but I must remember that my particular little one will only be very, very little for the time that I’ll be not working, and have more time on my hands. Still, this book caught my eye in a recent Hip Infant blog post. It might also make a lovely gift for friends who have little ones more able to do these fun things.


I love listening to Radio National, and Life Matters in particular. I recently heard about a book called Grandma Magic, a book of stories from real grandmothers about the special job that they have. I thought this would be a lovely gift for the three grandma’s (Nana, Nana and Grandma!) that Pebble will have.


Way back in 2004 I went to a conference where I heard Carol Weisman speak about raising charitable children, and I’ve always had it in mind to read her book. This is something I’d love to embrace with my little family.

Since my early childhood studies I have loved the work of Edward de Bono and think that this book would work particularly well for me as an audio book. I just wish audio books were cheaper! I may have to get to my local library to help me out in this area. I wonder if they take requests?


On the topic of audio books – has anyone had any experience with audible? They look good but I wonder how it all works – is the book mind to keep in audio form, or does it come with a limited licence? Are the subscription rates worth it, or is it better to buy one off?

What are you reading?


  1. Re: Audible,

    I've not personally tried- but looked at it heaps of times because a lot of the podcasts I listen to are sponsered by them. As far as I'm aware the book is your to keep- forever. :-)

  2. I am one book down in the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo trilogy and I am loving it. Although the holiday reading is always much easier than back at home with children reading.


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