Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Curry and baby in a hurry?

I’m only one day overdue, but I’m keen to get this sucker out before my obstetrician starts talking induction, or other intervention. We have an appointment at 5pm tomorrow, when I expect I will be booked in for inducement sometime late this week or early next week.

So today has been all about bringing on the business. I’ve been sitting on my fit ball, I’m about to have a hot curry followed by liquorice for dessert. And of course we’ve been taking other well known action to get it going. No walks yet, perhaps after dinner we’ll go for a walk. I did climb up and down a (short) ladder and get down on my hands and knees to scrub my kitchen cupboards though.

Yesterday I had a lovely cuddle with a two day old little girl named Miller Jane. She was born to our friends Reece and Jane – congrats to them! Miller’s gender was a surprise, which I just love, it makes it so exciting to find out. And it was a lovely bonus for the family, as they have two boys (not that there’s anything wrong with three boys!).

Thank goodness the hot weather has gone, and we’re enjoying a cool breeze and some rain today.


  1. Are you telling me you have had SEX?! Now you deserve a medal! I hope that babe comes out before an induction (I've had 2) and if I could have had it come on naturally it would have been better. Although whatever will be will be and all that. But Sex? MADNESS I tell you!

  2. Good luck!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear your very exciting news.


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