Thursday, January 7, 2010

Obstetrician appointment

pregnancy,Well, all is going well according to my obs. She had just returned from an emergency C-section, and it was kind of freaky to see her all scrubbed up (but still looking immaculate). I just got this all too real image of her with a scalpel poised over my belly! Hopefully that will not be the way this bubba comes into the world, but it’s out of my control, so we’ll take it how it comes.
Anyway, the gorgeous midwife, Libby, took my blood pressure and asked me to STEP ON THE SCALES. What???! They have only ever asked me to do this once, on my first appointment. I thought it a bit unfair to unleash the weight thing on me now LOL
However, I got quite the nice surprise. According to their (awesome, amazing, wonderful) scales, I have only gained 14kg. According the the CYH website, women should expect to gain between 11kg an 16kg during pregnancy. So I’m right on target. But. I weighed myself on my home scales all I can say is “tell em they’re dreaming!!!!!”. Enough said.
Other than that, I’m measuring on track for date, no, she can’t tell me when Pebble will arrive or how big it will be (I didn’t even ask, but she obviously gets those questions a lot). I got some of my Group B Strep questions answered:
Q. can I be retested to see if I still have it? Apparently it can be there one week and not the next.
A. There is no point to retesting as once you have been shown to have it, the hospital treats you as always having it.
Q. will the midwives know that I need to have the antibiotics, or do I need to make the staff aware when I arrive at hospital?
A. staff will be made aware by reading my pregnancy book
Q. how will I/you/whoever know if I have a fever during labour?
A. They will know (felt a bit silly asking this one).
Q. am I attached to a drip the whole time during labour (they top up the antibiotics every four hours during labour). Can I still move around?
A. I won’t be attached to a drip, but will have a needle in my arm ready to top up with more antibiotics as needed. So I can still move around.
Q. Do you test the baby after birth for GBS – how is this done and when are results known?
A. Only if I have displayed high risk factors (eg. had a fever during labour), or if the baby is displaying symptoms of GBS.
Then I was told see you next week, if not before!
While at the hospital I also picked up a copy of a DVD from the lactation consultant which shows how to do different holds, and get the latch right. It wasn’t quite as good as the one I saw in the training, but it was helpful to watch, and also good for Mr RG to watch.
I went for another 20min walk this morning, this time venturing around the nearby block as the oval gets pretty boring. It was nice to be out and about again, but those hills are a killer! They’ll get me in shape when I’m ready to go out for some pram walks :)
We are off to dinner tonight with my mum and step-dad to celebrate mum’s birthday tomorrow. I hope the pub has their air con on high – it’s a stinker out there!

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  1. Eek! It's getting so close! I was telling Luke the other day that I was excited about Pebble and he thinks I'm a freak to be excited for someone and their bub that I've never met in real life before!! haha.

    But wesiously, glad that the Ob could answer your questions and that everything is all good!


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