Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pebble’s room is looking good!

pregnancy,I’m so pleased with how Pebble’s room is looking now, it really looks like it’s a finished room. I still have a few things I want to do, like get a floor rug, and some curtain tie backs, and maybe a bunting. But otherwise it’s looking beautiful. Of course, we also still have plans to paint, but I actually really like the blue. It’s a very calm colour, and makes the room perfect for relaxing and sleeping.
Yesterday Mr RG and I went to the shops and bought these frames for a steal. They were $20, down to $13 each. We bought four for the ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ prints.

P1100377 P1100380

Then I played supervisor while Mr RG put up the hooks for the pictures and curtain rails. This was quite a big task, and involved buying some masonry drill bits, then figuring out the best way to mark and position things. Then drilling through brick! Some parts were easy, and some parts were really tough! But Mr RG was an awesome handyman, and I think they look great.

We opted for plain cotton curtains – there is a good holland blind behind there that blocks lots of light, but with the blind open and just the curtains closed the room has a nice filtered glow, which might be good for day time sleeps. I’m hoping to get Pebble used to day and night but not making it too crazy dark or quiet during day time sleeps. We shall see!
The room looks nice and bright with the curtains open. 
You can barely notice the mobile over the change table – I’m pretty proud of that effort!

Now for one of my FAVOURITE parts – the prints on the wall. I LOVE how these have turned out, I think they’re just adorable. I love this story, it gives me goose bumps every time I read it.
We are a little bit concerned about the pictures slipping and falling on Pebble. The hooks in the wall are very secure, but the hooks on the back of the frames are not. We’re considering removing the glass from the frames, to reduce the risk of injury to Pebble should anything happen. We’ve also left a small gap behind the cot and change table to allow the frame to fall in if that does happen. I’m sure that we’re probably just being overly cautious.
Meanwhile we have continued on with lots of other little jobs around the house. Mr RG is on a mission! I’ve got the cleaning bug but am finding it hard to do too much – my hip keeps going all numb.
I went for a 20 minute walk this morning around the local oval to help get Pebble’s head down into position and keep things moving in the right direction. It was nice just to be outside in the fresh air.
We are off to the obstetrician for our weekly appointment tonight. I have some questions about Group B Strep, but am feeling a lot more relaxed about that then I was previously. I’ve since found out that a few people I know have had it during pregnancy or labour. It makes me feel better to know that others have been there too and it’s not big deal.
I’m also hoping to pick up a breast feeding video while we’re at the hospital, to refresh myself on how that all works. I tried to practice the other day but couldn’t remember most of what the class had taught me!
Still not movement downstairs. I really don’t feel at all like a baby is going to be born anytime soon. So much for ‘one week to go’ as predicted this time last week!



  1. My god, it looks gorgeous!! What a lucky little Pebble...

  2. It's beautiful and full of love already. I love that book too although the bebito still won't sit through the whole thing (at 15 months). Good luck with your appointment tonight. xo

  3. The love you put into a nursery is just full of hopes and dreams isn't it? Lovely. xxx

  4. The room looks simply gorgeous. Excited for you. I have a friend who's due to pop any day now, and she can't wait!


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