Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pebble – 2 months

I just re-read my post, Pebble – 1 month, to see how things have changed…….
WOW.  Things were pretty intense then, yes?
And now?
Let’s start with the feeding. The previously hour-on-the-boob fussing and crying? Scratch that! Pebble now feeds in around 20 mins. She still lets out an indignant squawk straight afterwards, a little like her mama when she realises there is no more chocolate mousse left in the bowl.  But the feeding is  gooooood.
Ok, cuddles. Last time we checked in, Pebble was living either on the breast, or in the sling, or sometimes sleeping on my chest while I tried to have a nana nap. She did not settle unless being cuddled. Well, kick that idea to the curb, baby! Sleeping happens in the bassinet, or the pram, and goes for at least an hour during the day (sometimes two, or *gasp* even THREE!). At night time, Pebble is sleeping (IN HER BED) from 9pm-ish to 2am-ish, then again til 5am-ish. Sometimes she’ll sleep again until 8am-ish, but sometimes she’ll be all, IT’S MORNING! and demand a play.
She still eats, shits and sleeps at the same time, and loves a good stretch. Who doesn’t? Er, stretch, that is.
Pebble has progressed from fist chewing to self-induced hickeys. Yep, that’s my girl. Check out her “yeah, what’s it to ya?” expression while displaying her little gum shaped hickey on her right arm (that’s left of the screen, people. I have trouble with that myself).
Pebble still loves a bath, and seems to understand that murderous screams are not necessary when being removed from the bath tub. They are, apparently, only required when being dressed. Fair enough, who doesn’t like a bit of nudie rudie?
A few of her favourite things right now are twinkle, twinkle and if you’re happy and you’re now it, electronic music sounds (fab), mummy or daddy dancing around the room with any piece of floaty fabric, breast milk, ROLLING!, smiling, coo-ing and head-butting mama in the face while having cuddles and learning how to control her head.
Her least favourite thing right now, in the extreme, is THE CAR. Pebble cries a lot in the car. Body-wracking, choke-inducing crying that tears at my soul!
This is how she rolls.


  1. Fantastic! Great to hear that the feeding and sleeping is sorting itself out. And what a clever girl rolling like that!

    Wow 2 months hey...time flies!

  2. She is too cute!
    I just went back and read your 1 month post ( i wasnt a reader back then ) but my little Flyn does the exact saje stretching thing.

    He'll be 12 weeks on sunday and he still loves he thinks he's a genius because he's learnt to push up with his legs and stand up on your lap if you hold his hands...

  3. She is absolutley beautiful! Seriously one of the cutest babies I've seen. Congratulations and well done!


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