Monday, March 29, 2010

Camera Play

On Sunday we enjoyed a long lunch at Paul’s sisters house, and revelled in the girly loveliness of the four granddaughters. I also had a great ol’ time playing around with a new found setting on my now practically old camera. Something my SIL called ‘macro’. I have very little photography knowledge, and am quite happy that way, but this was quite fun to play with.

P1110068 P1110070 P1110074 P1110079 P1110080 P1110081 P1110093

Play along here.


  1. these are so fun... i especially love the poppy colour of those flowers!

  2. What a great weekend! Beautiful shots. xx

  3. That butterfly is gorgeous - and if those are rumballs, could you please send me some?

  4. They are brilliant. I LOVE my macro setting. It is so much fun. I would love to have a SUPER macro. Those photos are great.

  5. Great photos, the moth is stunning.


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