Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Place & Yours

This week the theme is ‘top drawer’. I chose my ‘random’ top drawer in my bedroom. It’s where I store all my girly bits and pieces that don’t fit in other storage areas.


It feels like SO long since I delved into this drawer. Being pregnant and then a new mama, I just haven’t done a lot of dressing up. I certainly haven’t had to reach for the chicken fillets LOL

I’m looking forward to visiting this drawer a bit more in the future.

You can play too!


  1. Wow - your drawer is so tidy! Seriously, if i go looking in my ' random ' drawer ( every girl has one ) its an adventure because its nowhere near as organised as that...

  2. It is very tidy - you tidied it didn't you !?! Ha, ha. Maybe that's just me ;) I'm sure there are no chicken fillets necessary with a new bubba.

  3. Love the blues and greens! Much tidier than any drawer in my house. Maybe that's the secret, tidy them then don't use them!

  4. Ha ha. I've never used those chicken fillets. I'm always scared that they'll fall out or something, plus I've got pretty big breasts...

    I look forward to seeing your photo from this week. x

  5. I promise I didn't tidy! Well..... there was a packet of condoms, given to us by the hospital when we had Charlotte! I moved them off the top of the pile. The rest was tidied in a nesting frenzy before she was born :) I will say that the other drawers are all pretty unphotographable (is that a word?).


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