Friday, March 26, 2010

This post is not about babies

In case you’re a bit over the whole ‘baby’ thing, here’s something different. Perhaps something no less tiresome, depending on your point of view. But it’s different.
Years ago (10 years ago, actually) I started battling with my body. I gained and lost 10kg or so, and have continued to gain or lose 10kg or so ever since.
I’m not about to make some wild claims that my battle is about to be over! Or that it’s different this time! I will say this. Ten years ago my favourite weight loss mantra was ‘nothing tastes as good as being slim feels’. I’ve been trying on that mantra recently, and you know what? It doesn’t work anymore. I just don’t care that much about being slim. In the battle of cheesecake vs slim – cheesecake wins. Every time.
Then lightbulb.
I remembered how fit, healthy, energetic, and happy I felt when I was last at a healthy weight, and was exercising regularly, eating healthy foods. And I modified my mantra slightly:
“nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels”.
Yeah. That works.
Have I started exercising for an hour every day at high intensity? No. But I’ve enjoyed a walk with Pebble every day this week.
Have I agonised over what to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat, OMG-please-just-one-more-piece-but-I-shouldn’t-but-I-want-to? No. I have enjoyed everything I’ve eaten, and generally those things have been colourful, tasty, healthy foods.
Just before I got pregnant with Pebble, I spent about 9 months documenting my weight loss journey on a (now disabled) blog. It really helped to keep me focused on health and well being. I’m not going to start blogging about that here, or even writing about it elsewhere. I don’t have the time, energy or even desire to do that anymore. But I am going to start photographing my food and exercise with my phone, and uploading it, without commentary, to a new blog.
If you’re interested, visit The Rockgarden Eats.


  1. Hey, I like this. I can relate to the 10kg up and down thing. I wrote a post similar the other day!! I have started a non-negotiable walking routine evening and morning with monte (son) day 3 today - I am tired as an arse today, but unfortunately the 'should I go?" factor was not in question, I had to.... here's to breaking old habits and just being HEALTHY!

  2. I was with you every step of the way last time, I will be this time too!

  3. I just wanted to say good luck - i'm back into my pre=pregnancy clothes 3 months after the birth but i dont look or feel as good as i did before. Perhaps i should get on a health kick of my own?

  4. Good on you for having such a healthy focus.


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