Monday, April 19, 2010

Pebble – 3 months

How quickly we find ourselves here. I need to try very hard not to focus on how quickly the next nine months will fly, and enjoy every moment that we have now.
3 months 1
Yo. S’up?
Pebble, you’re three months old and you’re trying so, so, hard to roll over onto your tummy.  Your little legs scrunch and swing, your face squashes into your rug, but your little arms just lay there, not sure what to do next. You’ll get the hang of it.
You are a sleeping angel lately. Your mama has learned to relax and just let it be. And you be. A quick cuddle, maybe a suck on a dummy and plop into bed you go. A little squirm and grunt and  you’re sound asleep. I hope is lasts. I’ll enjoy it while I can.
Catch me if you can
You are experimenting with your voice, especially the noises that make mama come quickly. Any sound resembling gargled choking works a treat. High pitched loop the loops are just for fun, especially when it’s 6.00am and you’re ready to play.
You are turning into a bit of a ginger ninja, especially in some photos….
3 months 3
You love chewing on your fists, with drool running down to your elbows, and have us all wondering about little teeth growing in there somewhere. No sign yet.
3 months 2
Nom nom.
Your mama finally cut the apron strings and let you stay at home with Dad and Grandma for a few hours. It was a BIG day. You survived just fine and mama did too.
You still quite dislike the car <----- massive understatement.
I still quite like you <------ ditto.
Mummy, is this really necessary?


  1. Lol, she look sos adorable in that tutu!

  2. That tutu is necessary. How else can you humiliate her in 18 years?


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