Sunday, April 4, 2010

My place and yours – collections

What do I collect?


My interest in turtles started in about Year 5 – the year we had turtles as a class pet, and also the year that I read Judy Blume’s ‘Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing’ series. In one of the books Peter’s little brother, Fudge, eats his pet turtle. Then poops the turtle out.  Peter also holds hands with his school crush while at the movies, their hands entwined while imersed in a bucket of buttery popcorn. Awwww. For a few years this image remained my ideal perfect date with a boy. I never did get to hold hands with a boy in a bucket of popcorn….


I don’t currently own a turtle. After owning, and seeing through, three little turtle lives during my own lifetime, I have decided to ban myself from owning any actual real live turtles. These ones will have to do.


What do you collect? Play along here.


  1. Bless you.Makes me think of the little durfie turtle dude in Nemo. Cute as.

  2. That is a very sweet collection... I don't have a collector's mind but i do sometimes collect vaguely shaped pieces of pebbles.

  3. Cute collection! I collect cats but they're all tucked away in the cupboard at the moment because I got tired of dusting them!

  4. I did collect Judy Blume books!


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