Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Momentum lost

Perhaps it was Easter, or perhaps it's the shitty day and night I've just had, or perhaps it's just that I can't focus on this as intensely as I want to while trying to be super mum. Or maybe I'm just making excuses (you think?). But my momentum for doing the whole 'take-pictures-of-every-meal' thing is lost. I will say 'for now'. It may be back, but right now it's on hiatus. I wasn't going to say anything, and just hope that no-one noticed, but I need to be honest about it. I'm falliable! And thank baby cheeses for that.


  1. Oh wow. I had missed your second blog. I do not blame you for lack of momentum!

    I have tagged you here for some fun.....

  2. oh my - if I had photographed everything that went near my mouth over Easter, I would have to buy a new memory card. LOL. So you're forgiven.


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