Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grey skies clearing


Thanks for your messages and phone calls, which were like a (much needed) big warm hug. Once again, blogging makes me feel much less alone, especially when I read of others out there who have been feeling the same.

The doctors visit was very helpful. After talking to him I felt like a weight had been lifted, just a little. He had a few suggestions – stop taking the minipill, various creams and pills to help sort out issues with the lady business (you don’t need to know, but apparently it’s all very common for breastfeeding mothers to have these issues), and …… EXERCISE!

As I sat across from him with tears in my eyes, trying to be brave and hold it in, and insisting that I’m NOT depressed, I’m just a bit emotional! He said, well… you might be. He then talked a lot about the changes that new mum’s bodies go through, and their minds. I suggested that I could have someone to talk to (a shrink of sorts), he said, yes well, we could go down that route. But how about I try exercise first.

He said that I need to get moving every day. Put some effort into it, but don’t go crazy about it. If I feel out of breath and a little sweaty then I’m doing well. He said that it’s proven that exercise has long lasting positive effects for people experiencing mild depression.

It makes sense to me. And you know what? It surely can’t hurt!



  1. Sounds like a plan. Taking the first step is always the hardest and you have done that. Do you have a gym with a creche nearby, or can you run with your stroller? Even going for a brisk walk every day. Some people swear by Wii fit. Personally I like swimming and water walking. xxx

  2. I reckon looking back at Brooke there were two things which were the indicators post-baby as to how good she felt in herself.

    The first was physical exercise. She got into walking every morning as soon as she could with Ryan in the pusher, would walk for an hour, and I swear it was critical for her coping both physically and mentally. Good thing for you is that you've got lots of hills around you to get a good workout without having to go for hours :)

    The second thing was work. Not sure about you, but she had invested so much effort into her career that losing it (even temporarily) was a huge challenge, because she lost one of the big things that defined her as a person. This wasn't to say that work was more important than being a Mum, but it was an acknowledgement that she had changed and needed to 'let go' of the former career-woman at least for a while. Then again, maybe I just want to see you back at school again... ;)

    Keep writing, keep talking, keep getting the bad stuff out, keep talking to your doctor - you will get there.

  3. Hi Kylie,

    Sounds like you have a really good GP and I'm glad you have a plan of attack. Exercise is the thing that helped me too - just taking the boy to the end of the street in his pram and getting the fresh air helped so darn much.

    I am now close with a few girls in my Mum's Group but at the time I needed it most we were all new to each other and no one in hell was anyone happy to admit they weren't coping. It's funny cos the C&YH sessions actually stopped the chatter rather than encouraged it.

    Like you, I found solace in the blog world - through the support offered to me and also the

    I've never felt more alone in my life than when I was a new Mum at home with the Bebito. Not that I didn't adore him with every ounce of my being but it's so hard when you are navigating these new waters with which we have so little experience.

    Snaps to you for seeking help, being honest and finding yourself a plan of attack. BIG SNAPS!



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