Monday, May 10, 2010

Doctor, doctor, gimme the news


I’m off to the doctors today, hopefully to get some help with the crazy that I’ve been feeling lately. I don’t know if it’s coming through on the blog…. (hmmm, Mother’s Day, anyone?), but I’m not feeling so good.

Lately I’m spending a lot of my time feeling either numb, or like I need to run into the middle of the backyard and scream loudly. There are still some blissful pockets of happiness, but I’m really not enjoying this permanent PMSing.

I am blaming the minipill, which I’ve been taking for three weeks. I’m going to the docs today to talk about it and see what my options are. When it comes to hormones and pills and my body, all you need to know is It’s Complicated.

I hope I can get some help today.



  1. hugs xx

    when i was on the higher dose pill i got really moody even after being on it for nearly 4 years. im now on the lowest dose. and feel fine :)

    mind you i was having that numb feeling last night.

  2. Fingers crossed you can get back on an even keel soon.

  3. Oh dear. The mini-pill is the devil, as far as I' concerned. I nearly lost my mind taking it, I was so aggressive. I've given up on hormonal contraceptives, and got a good old fashioned diaphragm (tmi? Sorry).

  4. I thought your Mothers Day post sounded spot on normal. Well normal for a mother of a babe anyway. Don't be so hard on yourself - let's hope it is the pill, but if not, it's just motherhood. Glamorous as all hell!

  5. That sounds like hell, hope you get it sorted soon. I could never take any sort of pill - hence 4 children - LOL.

  6. Glad you're getting help from the doctor. You're being the best mum by looking after yourself!

    I remember feeling VERY disturbed sometimes after having my first baby, although I adored her and being her mum. Remember once being afraid to go too onto our balcony with her because I had a vision of her going over the edge that wouldn't go away.

    Looking back I probably had mild PND for a few months, maybe even on and off over first year or two, but never sought help for it.

    Now, with number four coming, I know if it happened again I wouldn't hesitate. Best to get help and get on with enjoying your new life to the fullest, like you're doing.


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