Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you. If you’re not a mum then I hope you’ve got a mum, or a nan, or someone who you love like a mum. I hope you spent your Mother’s Day with someone you love.
Today was my first Mother’s Day, and I’d like to be all sunshine and lollypops, but the truth is it had a rocky start. We had friends over for dinner the night before, which was LOVELY and very enjoyable (more about that later). It was just bad timing! I must remember that next  year.
So. After our social evening, Paul woke up feeling a little under the weather. Particularly when Pebble woke us up at 5.45am.
I fed Pebble, fed myself, had a shower and put Pebble and myself back to be again (along with Paul) before I was pleasantly surprised with a card and some pressies. I won’t lie to you. I was starting to get pretty pissed off! The house was a mess from the previous nights dinner, we had to leave by 9am to go to my mum’s and then be back in time to make afternoon tea for Paul’s family who were all coming over at 3pm. And my hubby was hung over and generally not very helpful.
He was very sheepish, and redeemed himself by entertaining Pebble while I finished getting ready, then presenting me with a dustbuster (doesn’t sound very redeeming, I know, but I wanted one) as well as an emjoi (something I also wanted, and bought myself the other day).
I guess you could say there is room for improvement next year.  Next year I’ll try to make sure we’re not entertaining the night before AND/OR going out early in the morning. I want my breakfast in bed, god damn it! Some flowers wouldn’t hurt either.
Tantrum over…….
I am very spoilt just to have my beautiful baby girl. I am so thankful every day for her existence, and that I have a (usually) very supportive husband to share her with.
The best  part of the day was getting to see all three of my mum’s – mum, step mum and Paul’s mum. They are all amazing women who I’m very lucky to have in my life, and I enjoyed being able to  pay tribute to them, in the small way that I did.
P1110624Mum, Pebble and I
How was your Mother’s Day?


  1. Mine was lovely. But no sleep in either. I think that's the way with bubs. Next year huh!
    Happy Mother's Day - and my goodness don't you look like your mum! and it looks like the divine charlotte has your eyes too :)

  2. Lol - my fiance woke up hungover too, and i think he kind of forgot that it was mothers day because he just grunted at me when i said " wake up daddy ". It actually upset me for a minute and i got up to make my own breakfast and.... then he come rushing out of the bedroom apologising. Silly men!

  3. I'm glad you can see the bright side Kylie. We are blessed to have our little families but that doesn't mean we can't be disappointed. Sometimes I think these types of days have too much pressure on them to be perfect. These boys of ours (the grown ones) aren't usually that great at being uber thoughtful either (at least mine isn't). As the thoughtful person in our household I have learned to make the arrangements I want to have happen or I'll never be happy with the way the day pans out. Hardly romantic but it's that, "happy vs right" argument I always have in my head. The boys did make me some breakfast 2 hours after we got up (5am wake up call) and that's when I got my gift too. Like you I was quietly disappointed.

    The Bebito is going through a 'challenging' time to say the least with tantrums galore being thrown and the Mr, who finds it difficult to deal with such behaviour with patience left him to me to deal with all weekend! Gosh love him.

    Oh, and next Sunday is my birthday so I hope they do better!


  4. I'm sorry your first Mothers' Day got off to a bad start - although I can't help it, I had a quiet laugh about your late night before.

    But it's nice that you got to enjoy quality time with your friends, and your extended family on the one weekend. That's no mean feat. Happy belated Mothers' Day!

  5. ohh, being a mum isn't glamorous at times & kids & especially babies don't know that we want a "perfect" day sometimes.
    glad your day turned out well & the pic of the 3 of you is gorgeous.


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