Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let’s talk about it


At Mum’s and Bubs group this week I was feeling very open after my doctors visit and opening up on my blog about how I’ve been feeling. Your responses in your comments made me realise how common my feelings are, especially for new mums.

I walked into the Mother’s group and thought how crazy it is that we seem to put so much effort into putting up a front of perfection. How happy we are, how well our babies are doing…. so far, no one had really said, “I had a shit day”.

So I walked in and said it. Well, not exactly. I said, “is anyone else feeling a bit crappy lately?”….. and that was all that was needed for the conversation to flow. Everyone opened up about something, whether it be feeling bored, sometimes not enjoying being a mum as much as they thought they would, or (not) trying sex for the first time since having a baby.

It was SO refreshing and I hope as helpful to all the other women as it was to me. Why do we feel the need to battle alone?

I’m so thankful that I have a wonderful husband, family and friends to talk to, as well as my wonderful blog readers. I just need to make sure I make the most of my network when I really need it. And to stop with the bullshit. Sometimes life is a bit shit for everyone. Let’s help each other get through it. Then have all the more to smile about together when the sun is shining.



  1. You rock, you know that? xx

  2. New mums definately put up a front, and life isn't always good. Good on you for opening the floodgates! xx.

  3. love you too! always here if you need me, as i'm sure you'll return the favour when i need you.


  4. Good on you for starting the conversation! I'm sure everyone was so glad you did!

  5. Too true, everyone seems to think they should be perfect and so they put on a front. Hats off to you for taking this step and making it real. I bet all the Mums were thankful too. xxx

  6. Hello, Just stumbled accross your blog..
    I hope your starting to feel better.. Being a mum is hard, and it doesnt help when our partners sometimes (most of the time) act like idiots! I think mine actually forgets he has children sometimes..
    I was pretty down in the dumps after my first born, unlike you though i stayed quiet, and I think it really damaged something inside me.. Good on you for getting it out and talking about your feelings.... Its totally normal, YOU WILL feel better and life will be normal again, just with a little extra laundry! :D


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