Thursday, May 13, 2010

Winter family dinner {ode to fatmumslim}

I’ve tagged so many recipes from my favourite blogs, but I rarely seem to get around to making them. It is with delight that I share today's kitchen efforts, inspired by the lovely Chantelle {fatmumslim}, who originally shared them with the interwebs.

This dinner is for my mum and step-dad who are staying the night. I wish they were visiting in brighter circumstances. They are stopping on their way to and from my Grandad’s radiotherapy treatment. I wish he were sharing this meal with us too, but groups of people and eating food are not things that he enjoys right now.

So, to lift the spirits and warm the heart I have made a slow cooker risotto and flourless chocolate cake.

As usual, I can’t leave a recipe well enough alone. Add to that my frantic cooking-while-baby-juggling, and we have a few errors in the process.

Firstly, I didn’t add hot stock to the pot of risotto, I added cold. Once added, it could not be removed, so I thought I best counter this by putting my slow cooker on ‘high’ instead of ‘low’. This was followed by a half hour nap (much needed : bliss). Unfortunately upon waking I found not so much tender grains of Arborio, but mush speckled with chicken, mushrooms and bacon. Tasty mush, though.


I will forge ahead and serve this with a salad of thicky cut slices of vine ripened tomatoes, curly lettuce, cool cucumber and creamy avocado splashed with balsamic vinegar.

The stellar part of the meal is the flourless chocolate cake. I just had to slice a scarce strip, to make sure it would make up for the slow cooked mush. And it does. It really, really does. It will be served warm with ice cream or cream, depending on my guests preference.


Bye for now, Mum just called and is on her way!


  1. Chantelle is great I agree! And those dishes look wonderfully comforting and so Wintry good! :D

  2. I just got a slow cooker and i think i'm in love with it! I did a chicken korma curry ( which was awesomely good ) in it this week so i'm definately giving that risotto a try....


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