Tuesday, May 25, 2010

She’s on the move

In our house things have officially moved past the easy ‘put-the-baby-down-and-she-stays-where-you-put-her’ phase. Pebble is rolling.
When left on the floor she will flip within seconds and then cry and grunt until flipped onto her back again….. only to flip back onto her tummy. Repeat x 24 hours if you let her.

At first I was all, “YAY! What a prodigious off spring I have made! Well done for rolling!”.
Now I’m all, “Bugga”.


  1. Lol - Flynn can roll but he doesnt do it very often. Its like he's lazy... he only rolls when he really wants something and he cant quite reach it. He is, however, very good at wriggling around in circles... and is starting to try and lift his tummy up during tummy time. Soon it will be hello crawling!

  2. HOW exciting. Watch out world.


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