Saturday, May 22, 2010

Slow Saturday

I’m thoroughly enjoying a slow and lazy day. Last weekend was fun, but so hectic!
The floors are gleaming after a vac & mop, which seemed to take no effort at all (though I’m not as thorough as Paul, which is probably why it felt easy).

Pebble and I have had more play under the lemon tree, and I’m devouring my book. Halfway through already, perhaps it’ll be finished by end of the weekend. Which makes me a little sad.

What are you up to on this lazy Saturday?


  1. Sounds lovely! Time to start a new book, maybe?
    I made a wand for my cousin's 18th birthday present. Was trying to think of something different. I hope she'll like it.

  2. I love these little snippets photos - not all the subject but just bits - great technique. I too am reading today - getting over a head cold so I am well for traveling for work next week.


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