Friday, May 21, 2010

One perfect day

The sun is shining. I am shining. I feel so much better, and in such a short time.
Today I feel like I’ve had a relaxing day to myself – but I shared those relaxing moments with my very own beautiful baby girl.
Which made it all the better.
First I parked the car a little further away and walked to the shops to get veggies for tonight’s dinner. 
We walked to the library for Pebble’s first ‘baby time’ session … but she fell asleep just before it started. Instead I borrowed a few books (thank you for your recommendations). 
Then I had a luxuriously relaxed coffee while getting lost in another world filled with all things Parisian and chocolate
Back home, Pebble and I lay in the dappled autumn light exchanging goofy grins.
One perfect day.


  1. Oh that does sound perfect! Yay. You deserve it. xoxo

  2. that sounds divine.... good on you :)


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