Thursday, May 20, 2010

Solids. So it begins.

So I said to Pebble: Dude, do you want some real food?
And she was, like:
I know, right?

So then, I said: Hey dude, taste this.

And she was all:

Week 17 - Four Months 
We’ll try again tomorrow, maybe. But maybe not, because she’s been a Grumpy McGrump since then.

Maybe it’s the carbs. I get the same way.

How did your kiddo go the first time you gave them solids?


  1. My kids were born to eat!
    At 5 1/2 months Harper grabbed the crust off my toast and gobbled it up before I could stop him, I took that as a sign that he wanted some real food.. He will eat anything!

  2. Olivia, at 6 months, just got cranky. But after a week or two of offering the goop, she was a machine.

    Charlie was not interested in good at 7 months he still wasn't bothered. But as soon as he got a taste of meat (pureed) he was away.

    And I was lazu with Lexie: the novelty had worn off. She was 8 months before she got offered the goop, and quickly progressed to chops, LOL!

  3. My youngest took to solids like a duck to water. After a few faces not unlike Charlotte demonstrated there, she now scoffs it.

    My eldest took a while longer, but still was pretty good. She still gets a bit fussy with food now and then, but will generally eat most things.

  4. I'm sorry, but i'm going to have to give you a negative story here - dont know if you've been reading my blog but i gave Flynn his first solids at 3 months and 3 week.s because my supply was low and he was still hungry in the evenings. It was only runny rice cereal, and only 3 nights in a row .... and he's been horribly constipated ever since ( going on almost 5 weeks now). We've seen a specialist paed and have had blood tests to see if its an allergy to the rice or something and, after medications and numerous home remedies, he is starting to get better - but honestly, starting him on solids before 6 months was the worst thing i've ever done. He just hasnt been the same beautiful, bubbly baby he was before, although we are starting to get back to that.

    Hope everything goes well with Charlotte, just wanted to offer you a " what could happen " scenario :(


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