Monday, May 3, 2010

To comment, or not to comment?

This is a ‘newbie’ blogging question. While I’ve been blogging in one form or another for years, I am still confused about commenting etiquette.

I notice that some bloggers reply directly to a comment that I’ve left them by sending me an email. Other bloggers will have a sort of message board system going, where they reply by commenting on their own post.

There are times where I’ve wanted to reply to a comment on my blog, but haven’t been able to find the commenter's email address. I’ve considered leaving a comment on their comment…. then wonder if they’ll ever see it, so what’s the point?

If you blog, how do you reply to comments on your blog?

If you leave comments, do you subscribe to or go back to blog posts to check for replies?

This is all leaving me feeling like a puppy chasing it’s tail. I think I’ll go have a cuppa.


  1. I think yes to all. I have recently discovered the reply to comment thing, but this only works if the commenter has linked an email address. If it is a big issue or someone has taken alot of time to thoughtfully comment, I like to respond this way if I can. If it is a general light hearted discussion then sometimes I go back and comment on my own post, responding to others comments there.

    And yes, I often do back to check other replies when I have commented, so often do see if the blog owner has come back and commented! But I don't subscribe, I get enough emails as it is!

  2. I am in the same boat of utter confusion! I have just tried to make sure I have an email linked to my Blogger so that when I comment, there is an email. And if I can find an email, I reply to that. If not, I have to do it via comments on the post. Nightmare!

  3. I always reply by email (if that is an option). I find the remembering where I commented and then to have to go back to see what has been replied is too tricky for me plus I don't have the time for it. So, unfortunately, if there is no email address then they get no commenting love back. I am a hard woman!

  4. I use wordpress, so people have to leave a email address when they leave their comment- this makes the process SO much easier!

    I don't ever just reply in the comments on the blog, because most people don't check back.

    I always respond to the comment via email, and then if it's beneficial to the conversation I will publish the response in the comments as well.
    I have this nifty plugin on my blog which lets me 'reply to comment' in my dashboard and it both sends them an email, and also posts it in the comments on the blog!

    As far as you personally checking back on comments you've left, I've tried subscribing to comments before, to see if I get a reply from the author, but I always end up with a wad of spam in my reader or emails.

    Cocomment is a really good way of tracking comments on blogs. If you use firefox, it's an add-on, and is really easy to use. Definitely worth using if your commenting on people who use blogger, which doesn't require an email to comment.

  5. Also, this might be helpful:


  6. I comment back on my post comments section - so if you write me a comment i'd put @whoever and write back. Maybe they'll see it, maybe they wont, but at least i've made the effort ( if i feel it warrants a return serve )....

  7. Commenting back, either by return comment or by email, is not only a nice thing to do but an excellent way to build your readership. Sadly though it is one of the first things to go when you become a busy blogger! Sometimes the best I can do is pick one post for the week and respond to those commenters.

  8. Thanks everyone for your feedback and advice. It is hard to reply to everyone, I try to reply when the comment warrants it.

    @Talia - I'm signed up for cocomment, it looks like a good tool, I'll see how it goes! The blogging etiquette guide was great too.


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