Monday, June 21, 2010

At my house

At my house we like reading. Well, Pebble and I like reading. Paul is more of a documentary man.
I read to Pebble every day, and this week we’re adding a few new books to the favourites on rotation.

Pebble’s current and long-running favourite is Baby Gets Dressed by Katrina Germein. This book has a stark white background with clear, bright pictures and a few rhyming lines on each page. We got this book for free through the Advertiser Little  Big Book Club.

  My favourite page
New this week is Dr Seuss’ ABC. This was given to me by my mum and dad for my 2nd birthday, and is well loved. The pages are well-worn and falling apart.

While googling this book I found this gorgeous little Dr Seuss ABC video! It’s the book read aloud. OMG how times have changed. Back in my day *old granny voice*……

We’re also reading The Potato People by Pamela Allen (one of my favourite authors) who writes many, many lovely, enchanting books.

Pebble may not understand all the words, but I was amazed that she had the concentration and attention span to sit through the whole thing. Sometimes when we’re looking at books aimed at older children I just make up a shorter story to get through it quicker for her. Today I read the whole book from cover to cover, and Pebble turned her head from page to page, drinking in the illustrations and listening to the words flow. It was magic.
I’m lucky that Pebble lets me indulge in these read aloud sessions – they’re one of my favourite parts of junior primary teaching. I enjoy the books as much as the children I read them to do, and get something different out of them every time.
What’s your favourite childhood story book?


  1. I love the Very Hungry Caterpillar! It is such a beautiful book. The drawings are WONDERFUL! I'm making a little very hungry caterpillar wall quilt for when I eventually have a bub. :-)

  2. Hi there, Just came across your blog on the 'At My House' link & it's just lovely :) I'm also a Primary School Teacher, a mummy to 1 little gorgeous girl & a lover of children's books ;o) I love love love The Potato People...I always read that to my class every year & do literacy & art activities from it :)
    Keep reading to Charlotte, even if she can't fully understand yet...I really think it gives them the best literate start to life :) We read to Ella every night and have been since she was 2 months old! She is 2 1/2 now and such a book worm :)
    Have a lovely week.

  3. Some of my favourite books also!! Your U-tube link just entertained my 18month old for a while - thanks! Have you made any potato people yet? Ours didn't quite work, just went smelly and mouldy.......

  4. We love Pamela Allen, Dr Seuss and Eric Carle at our house!

    We've also got almost all the Roger Hargreaves collections of Mr Men and Little Miss too!

    Obviously Eloise and Olivia books are very popular ;)

    We read every night - and now Eloise can read a lot of her books to herself. It's fabulous seeing your children develop a love of books and reading, they are never too young!

  5. I am so excited that Olivia (aged 6) is falling in love weith Milly Molly Mandy just as I did at the same age.

    And Charlie (aged nearly 5) is passionate about all things Roald Dahl, who I also read as a child.

    Whilst Lexie (aged 3)is mad about......Pamela Allen.....

  6. We don't have the potato people but love Pamela Allen. We also love Dr Seuss. Children's books are so much fun (although there are some weird ones as well!). Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.

  7. The three that I remember most from childhood are:

    1. The Story of Ping
    2. The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek
    3. Tikki Tikki Tembo

    I'm getting a little obsessed at the moment as I am yet to meet someone outside my sisters and I who's heard of these (especially Ping and Tikki Tikki Tembo - my friends think it's hilarious that I can tikkitikkitembo nosarembo haribariruchipip peripembo without stumbling)


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