Tuesday, June 22, 2010

One of those mornings

You know those days when you need to get out of the house at a certain time, and everything just goes wrong? Pebble has been a grump all morning making it hard for me to get showered, breakfasted and presentable.
Then there was the number 3 – which really was only a small explosion inside the nappy. It’s just that what got OUTSIDE the nappy was big. How does that happen?
So, terribly grumpy, beside herself with tiredness, I strip her off, screaming like a banshee (her, not me, though I felt like it a little). Then re-dress her before her sleep because I don’t have time to re-dress her again before we leave the house.
Of course (mama’s prerogative) today she’s wearing a fancy layered outfit with buttons everywhere, that takes twice (three times?) as long to get her into. I can only blame myself for this.
Finally I get her into bed where she continues the screaming fit for a good, solid five minutes (poor poppet) before passing out.
I know crying can’t hurt her but, gosh, does it frazzle my nerves. There’s something about the sound of your own child crying. It brings up a response different to listening to another child cry (which never really bothers me). It’s like jolts of electricity are running through my body. I guess it’s survival or biology or something.
So, a few minutes peace (+ laundry + dishes + dinner prep) for us both before we hit the big smoke. We’re picking up Grandma on the way (very understanding Grandma, who wouldn’t mind if we’re a teensy bit late, I don’t know why I get myself in such a tizz, really…).
How’s your day panning out so far?


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  1. Today? Pretty good.
    Yesterday? Check my last blog post to see just how much i understand what you mean about the crying....


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